Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Why Do You Need a Domain Name?

I take for granted that most people who decide to come online in search of a way to make money from some project will take the time and make the effort to at least learn a little bit about the art and science of advertising and marketing a business on the world wide web.  I would suppose that they have done just a little research into this and are willing to have just a little bit of curiosity about this process and not be so ego driven that they know how to do this.

On Apsense, I asked a simple question.  What is the best domain to purchase?  The conversations are mounting on a daily basis and its a most entertaining scenario to watch the answers as they come in.  Some of the questions and comments lead this author to know for a fact that a domain name is not something that is very popular, nor anything that most know one single thing about.  This is a quite amazing thing, but so very true.

The Question for Success Online

In order to advertise on the web for someone who wants to make money is to brand the business model.  This branding process can be with a name, a product, a phone number, a state, a town or city and one of a million different things.  In other words, capturing a niche market keyword term for the business model begins with the simple act of buying a domain name and hosting account and actually learning how to build a business on the web.

Education is NOT Optional

Learning how to be effective in marketing, advertising and growing a business online requires visualization, intuition, realization and edu cation.  One cannot assume that going into a project online that they are adept at knowing exactly what they are doing.  No matter the amount of education or background in advertising and marketing, the online scheme of things is something that is a totally different animal.  Keywords, ad content and links prevail, and unless one taps into the etermal ebb and flow of online information, nothing will happen effectively in terms of making sales of projects.

Start with Domains and Hosting

Purchasing that first domain name, along with strong, stable and reliable hosting is the first step to take in marketing and advertising on the world wide web.  Afterwards, the steady and progressive steps of creating original content (writing words), building websites (creating something others can view and learn from online) and keeping in touch with those that want information (social media marketing) all play within the realm of success online.  This success never comes quickly or easily.  So many times I have been asked this question.  How long does it take to succeed online?

Answer:  It takes as long as it takes!

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